PS3Win v0.9.2.1 PS3 JailBreak Game Organizer

French guy named Manung developed a game Organizer PC application—– PS3Win v0.9.2.1

PS3Win v0.9.2.1 is a tool which can manage your PS3 games on both local and PS3(Via FTP).

PS3Win v0.9.2.1 PS3 Break Game Organizer

Features for you

• You can specify multiple directories containing games

• The search for a list of games on a PS3 Ftp

• It retrieves the image, the id, name, file date, the minimum OS version and the version of the game

• You can copy the games from the list

• You can print the list or save it to a text file.

• You can aiso view images of the game

• It may be in English language.

• You can specify the colors of the list

• You can resize the window and the columns (which are kept)


it is easy to install this tool , just download it first and unrar the file , then run the set up file, follow the steps to the end.





• Fixed bug when searching for files by ftp on the PS3.



• Fixed a bug “File Not Found” when searching for files on ftp PS3.

• Viewing images PIC0.PNG, and PIC1.PNG PIC2.PNG in the property window

• Fixed a bug: Display the last image when clicked on the image in property


• Added help.

• Ability to copy the games from the list


• Dissemination



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The Acekards Information

The acekards can fit into the standard game cart slot of the nintendo ds and not the  GBA slot. The acekards appear quite similar to the standard ds game card. The availability of acekards are little bit quite touch as it is made obsoletely by the release of the Acekard 2 and Acekard 2i.
The acekards delivers perfect  ROM compatibility. There is no need to convert or flash. Acekards download play and gaming over Wi-Fi. Today acekards are supporting sdhc micro sd cards. Acekards offers no maximum file limit for huge amounts of storage.
Acekards support multi-languages also. The best part of using acekards are backing customized skins. Consumers can use acekards for reading text files, listening to MP3s and watching movies. Acekards allow to make and play backups of NDS games from a Micro SD card.

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The DSTT has very good dimensional control, and is slightly lighter than the original R4 card. Failure rates on the DSTT are extremely low as shown in the review conducted by GBATemp in 2007 when the DSTT dstt card was first released. Like the R4 card, the DSTT initially used a spring mechanismi to keep the DS card in the console, but after a few months when the manufacturers realised this increased the failure rates of the cards, they began to opt for a push-slot instead, which worked quite well because there were fewer mechanical components on the card that could fail.

The DSTT, a more advanced version of the DS Firecard with compatibility with other flash cards, is the best storage accessory available on the market. The DSTT comes with handy type detection while saving, four button easy reset, and no need for any pass keys or boot screens.

The DSTT is a new, cheap slot-1 flashcard that boasts a lot of the latest features like SDHC, cheats, soft reset, saving directly to MicroSD and GBA support with the optional GBA expansion perk. It enters the market out of relatively nowhere but already has an impressive list of features

Since the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL consoles were released, the DSTT team has released a sister card called the DSTTi which is compatible with the newer Nintendo consoles as well.The DSTT team has a vested interest in keeping the software up -to date due to the sales of the newer DSTTi – thus the original DSTT benefits from this.

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